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Hey guys so recently i decided to check again if my processor at the settings I have was running stable at 4.0ghz and after several Prime95 large ftt, I have had no luck making it stable with even with my vcore upped to 1.34v.

Which seems rediculous even for a 930 whats more ridiculous is i have ran small ftt and blend (and large ftt as well i think) for long durations and had no problems but now large ftt crashes after like 12 hours of running. I have also do the biggest tests linx would let me do with 6gb of ram. could it be possibe that the cpu is crashing cause of the heat (it gets up to 88 degreses C on the cores) or is it actually instability. going with guide, the codes (bsod) i have gotten are for qpi and vcore but i still refuse to believe that all of a sudden, my cpu is not stable