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Hi I've had this problem for a while and I just can't seem to fix it.
First off, I have a Altec Lansing speaker and a logitech microphone and both work perfectly well. Before I reformatted my computer, both microphone and speakers worked perfectly without any issue.
I also have windows xp professional.

I recently reformatted my computer with a new motherboard ASUS (forgot which model), and been experiencing microphone issues.
Before the reformat, both my mic and audio was working perfectly. I could talk clearly through microsoft's sound recorder, but now when I try, it is too quiet.

I use mumble and play tf2. In mumble, I get a weird sound distortion which sounds like a loud static whenever somebody talks a bit loudly, everybody else tells me that they don't experience this issue.

I also have a mic issue. People tell me they can hear me perfectly well/clear in mumble, but in TF2 I sound way to quiet and barely audible. This also happens in microsoft's sound recorder.

I am currently using Realtek HD audio drive and have turned on the hidden microphone boost and turned up the mic volume to max in both the playback and record. I have also turned up the volume and mic boost in the master volume through the advance options.

My microphone is on, and firmly inside the mic jack. (I've tried both microphone jacks but nothing changes).
I assume its because of my audio drive, I have tried to reinstall Realtek, but everything is still the same.

Sorry if this isn't clear, I will clarify anything if needed.