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First off, I would like to thank MEElectronics for picking me to be a reviewer. The company has great products and customer service. MEElectronics is mainly known on Head-Fi as one of the best sounding budget-oriented IEMs which competes with other products over twice its cost. In 2011, they released their first portable headphone: the HT-21.

Packaging, Accessories, Build Quality

The HT-21 comes in a plain box with a plastic window showing off the headphones. The packaging is nothing fancy, just typical MEE fashion. The only accessory it comes with is a soft carrying bag so you can store the phones when you're on the go.

The build quality is very sturdy for its price range. Compared to the Panasonic RP-HTX7(~$30), the HT-21 blows it out of the water with its tough plastic and stainless steel headband. The cups have a shiny finish, which does not really show fingerprints unless you really try to get some on there. The earpads and headband is made of a thick pleather, very similar to the ATH-ES7 but a bit thicker if I remember correctly. The best quality of these budget headphones is the wire. The 4 ft (1.2m) wire is one-sided(left side) and very thick which makes it feel like it'll last for a long time. The plug is a 45 degree angle plug which compromises between the L-shaped plug and the straight plug. The headphones also fold flat and collapse inward making them easy to throw in a small bag or backpack.

Fit, Comfort, Isolation

Size comparison with the ATH-M50

As a small supra-aural headphone, it is very comfortable to wear for a long period although it doesn't fully "disappear" like some other headphones. Clamping force is minimal but adequate to keep them on your head while rocking out to some heavy music. As far as isolation goes, it is lacking quite a bit. It seems like the headphones are aimed more towards comfort than isolation. It does block out some noise, but it may not block out enough if you're on a bus or subway. For the everyway walk, it is just fine.

Sound Quality


Driver: 40mm dynamic transducer
Impedance: 32 ohm
Sensitivity: 114 dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz
Cable length: 4 ft/1.2m

This is the part where it matters the most. MEElec has a reputation of delivering GREAT sound for a GREAT price. This product does not disappoint at all. These headphones crush most of the headphones in its price range with its mids and lows. The mids are nice and clean while being slightly aggressive and in your face. The bass packs a punch and is very clean and controlled but it lacks some extension. Treble is sparkly and crisp while not overdoing it. The soundstage is amazing for such a little can, giving a bit of an airy feeling to the music.


These little babies pack a punch. For a pair of portables under $40, they are amazingly good at anything I throw at it. They are easily driven by a DAP or any portable source. They are comfortable, light, small, and sound great playing any sort of music. If you're looking for a pair of budget headphones, look no further. MEElectronics does not disappoint with its amazing sound quality/price ratio with all of their products.

This was my first in-depth review ever. Constructive criticism is welcomed. Also, if you see a typo anywhere, feel free to point it out.