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yeah you would have to do all those from the command line

which can be daunting if you aren't use to it

i use ushare to stream to the xbox's, i might try that ampache as i was thinking about this last night, when i was laying in bed and playing on my phone "i wonder if i could setup a remote streamer..." thanks for the headsup on that

good luck tho, i'm sure you will find a solution to your liking
Thanks man, and no problem about the Ampache thing. I tried to do it before with my Blackberry, but to no avail. Maybe I can get it working this time around. I'll check out ushare though. I'd rather get all these taxing services off of my main rig and throw them on this rig. Not to mention I set up a little Minecraft server for myself haha.

Originally Posted by evermooingcow View Post
A GUI won't make it easier to configure the above services. You still need to edit the same config files somehow and whether it is in gedit or nano doesn't make a difference.

SSH also pretty much works out of the box whereas VNC takes some work..
Yeah, I know. But it's nice to be able to pop in and be able to see things. X11VNC did take some work, but after a bunch of Googling around. I found my answers. SSH would have been way faster, but hey. I can either SSH my way in, or use VNC. Either way, I don't mind.