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I just moved to Argentina and brought only my rig with me, meaning that I need a new monitor.
I took some hours yesterday and went to 7 or 8 stores to take a look at what they got. Here is the only available models I found that are not too crappy
So which one is better? (do not consider price):

LG W2486L
LG W2486L-PF
LG E2350V-PN

All I want is eye candy... A beautiful image I can sit in front of it and enjoy what I see
Unfortunately these are the only models I thought to be worth the look.
The P23770OH could be good, but it's resolution is only 1080p, so it might be too big. I was actually looking for a 24", but seems like I may have to settle for a 23"

What's the difference between the (LG) W2486L and the W2486L-PF? Couldn't find this anywhere...

What's the contrast ratio for the W2486L and/or W2486L-PF - they only state the dynamic, which I'm probably not going to be using