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Sigh. For some reason I have the worst luck building computers.

When I finished building my computer I tried booting off a USB to format my computer for windows 7, but when I selected the flashdrive, it gave the disk boot failure error. I read somewhere that it's because it's a cruzer flashdrive? It seems that gigabyte doesn't like cruzer because this flashdrive is bootable on my other computers other than gigabyte. So I had to install with a CD.

Another problem came up, when I finished installing windows 7, the ethernet adapter was not recognized. I mean usually the internet is accessible right after a reformat even without installing drivers, but this time it didn't. I tried installing the most recent network drivers and it gives me the error that I need to put in a network card. When a ethernet cable is plugged in, it lights up, but it doesn't work while my other computer on the same router works. When the computer loads the desktop I see the network icon "loading" then it says no internet access.

I'm thinking about just buying a new network card.

If anyone can help me I'd greatly appreciate it. I can give more details on further requests. Thanks in advance.