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First Build

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I need it to be under 1000.
preferable 2500k and 6870.
please advise which parts are suitable.
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hmm... 560 ti would not be so much more and a LOT better than the 6870

and as for the rest of the build

i don't know about the case and psu, because that is personal prefence, at least a 650w would be ample
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Why matx?
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oh, i didn't look at that... i just saw 3 pci-e, and just, said "there!" remember these are suggestions,

but i ask why not, i wouldn't care if it was m-atx, or atx, i would just look at the features, Quad-GPU SLI and Quad-GPU CrossFireX Support, 1600 and up to 2200! i mean what more do you need? you save on cost, and you can fit it into any case you want! i don't quite know how you will quad gpu with 3 slots though, but overall it is a good board, unless you really MUST have an atx, in which case you will be spending more, but you shouldn't go over 8000-900 no matter which board you pick when they go back in stock
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