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Hi mate i got some nexus 120mm fans and replaced the stock corsair ones on my h80 cooler , it runs a bit cooler and is no where near as loud as the stock fans and i used the pwm connections on motherboard and not the connections on the water cooler ..been running on 4.8 ghz stable as . stock cpu volatge 48x100 and disabled speedstep i edit and render full video productions no problems with heat or anything asus z68v , 16 gig gskill ripjaws
corsair h80 with nexcus fans corsair 1050 p/s ..
Originally Posted by Danny1107;12711507 
Nothing too impressive, I've seen higher on here, just thought I'd post it as I'm pretty happy about it

temps under load (blend on Prime95) 74-76c accross all 4 cores
idle temps - 34-37c accross all 4 cores
TIM - Arctic MX-4
CPU cooler - Corsair H70
Vcore - 1.382v

got some new fans on the way for the H70, hopefuly get my temps down abit more, AS5 didn't like the H70, temps were going into the low 90's after afew seconds on Prime95 while it was at 4.4ghz so I could never fully test my overclock.

at 4.8ghz it is stable for around an hour on Prime95, will run it for longer when I have time smile.gif

Time for me to get ready and go to work though frown.gif