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Amd ok Mobo

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Allright I have this processor, and I dont know if its good, Pins all there looks good just dont know if it will work or not. If I put it into a new Mobo it shouldnt cause any problems with the Mobo should it. Its the 955 so no reason to get a new cpu if it works, But I just dont want it smoking my new mobo. Or even if you buy a used processor from some one, it would suck if it damaged other components. Any help appreciated.
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it wouldn't affect your mobo even if it's not working. if the processor is dead then it won't boot. it wouldn't burn your motherboard or anything.
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Cool thanks, It just hit me, I was about to put a family members computer together, And nothing worse than destroying a whole system, cause of used equipment. If Memory is a issue computer will boot, right. But wont display windows if I'm correct. But that wont effect components either if you buy used and its bad.
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MSI 955-G65?
More info please?
If this is anything but the 890FXA-GD65..... then there would indeed be a risk of destroying the whole system

I would recommend buying a lower-power processor for a family build. A 95W Athlon II x4, heck maybe even an Athlon II x2, will be just enough.
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