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Hi to All.

Recentely, I finished to assembly one HTPC as in my signature.
During my experimentation I registred some doubts and very strange results:

Stable OC 3.7Ghz - DRAM 1400 10 10 10 27, HT not enabled:

Default System (Only DRAM @ OEM parameters -1600Mhz 8 8 8 24 and Intel HT enabled)

1) ASRORCK OC TUNER shows about 20°C CPU temperature different than Core Temp or Real Temp (too high difference)

2) During LINX test, CPU volt is always 0.1 Volt less than Vcore set in the BIOS (vdroop enabled)

3) CPU temperature is more high in the systems without OC, (but HT enabled)!

4) CPU clock in the system default is 3.2Ghz (I've set only OEM parameters DDR3 RAM 1600 8 8 8 24 in the BIOS)

I think that OC TUNER CPU temp is more reliable because if the CPU load changes from 100% to 5% in one second, the temperature showed changes very slow in according to phisic theory, while CORE TEMP or Real Temp shown 20°C decreases in two seconds, also against phisic theory (thermal inertia)!

Please, help me to reach the target!

Thanks a lot

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