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Sorry I was busy, didn't have time to come back to this thread.

Well I play WoW at 1680x1050, and want to record at full size 30 fps.

My current internal HDD is an Hitachi 7200rpm and I can't record at a steady 30fps with it, then again this HDD is fairly old now, 4 years old or so.


^ thats it.

I'm on a budget of about £80-100
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Age could explain the issue. I had some old hard drives from my first build and it's amazing how quickly things have gone downhill, or rather how quickly the hard drives have improved just for 7200rpm models.

Anyways, to the task at hand. Is that pounds or euros? Either way, we'll say $120-140.

If you want the best storage/performance ratio, I'd recommend any of the Western Digital Caviar Black line. They go from 500GB to 2TB. I believe the lower you go the potentially faster it is because they will have less platters, which means more speed. 500GB has 2, as does 640GB, and the 1TB has 3. Don't know about the 2TB. Pretty sure on those numbers but don't quote me.

The other option is to pick up a Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB. Or two, and RAID them. These are some of the fastest hard drives out there and when RAID'd apparently they scream.

Depends on how much storage you want, if you plan to use it for anything else and how much you actually want to spend (i.e. do you want to max out your £100 budget or would you rather spend half?)
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A single modern HDD should be fast enough to record in that resolution/framerate. According to my tests, a "worst-case scenario" with those settings would be about 70 Mb/s. In most situations, it won't require that much.

Of course, these only apply if you allow Fraps to use compression. If you want to use the "force lossless RGB capture" option, it will be a lot more demanding.
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Yeah the currency is pounds. A 500GB HDD would do just fine, if i'm honest I wouldn't go over £80.
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I'm guessing this would do the trick? (thank you all btw)
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The HD502HJ is the F3, so you're good to go. I can't totally attest to great speeds on its own, but if you RAID it you'll have any issues taken care of for sure.
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Okay thank you very much!
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