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I have two 5970 from alienware desktop PC fitted into my custom rig. I am running Ubuntu and do some computation. Recently fitted water cooling for both cards with EK waterblock. Faced two problems trying to overclock them:

1) Using stock BIOS firmware no way to go more then 800Mhz stable. Event 800 is not really stable for a long run. So I downloaded OCed Saphire bioses for both master and slave GPUs with 950/1.25v and 900/1.16v. Both working for some time and then locking system.

2) Using aticonfig tool "aticonfig --ppcmd-lib 'get activity'" I can see that my VDDC is still 1.05v even after flashing new ROMs into BIOS. How this could be?

Need to note that computation unlike gaming loads GPUs 98% constantly. So it puts more stress, but still, GPU temps are in the 50-60 C, so I belive this is fine. But something else is wrong. Either voltage is not controled through BIOS (how this could be??) or something else is wrong.

Any help is really appreciated!