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Poll Results: which smart phone?

Poll expired: Apr 8, 2011  
  • 40% (8)
    iphone 4
  • 15% (3)
    Droid X
  • 0% (0)
    Droid Incredible
  • 10% (2)
    Droid 2
  • 20% (4)
    Galaxy S
  • 15% (3)
    other (post)
20 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by Xazen View Post
I would wait for one of the 4g phones, they are not far off and 4g will be significantly faster.
Honestly, 4g isn't needed unless you have an unlimited cap and use it for really intensive tasks, which I simply cannot see being used on a phone for another few years. Its all just for the speed tests right now me thinks.

Originally Posted by kckyle View Post
iphone 4, got it since release date. really digging all the solid features it offers
Which are the equivilant of most of its competetitors. The only reason I'd choose an iphone over my HTC desire (sorta last gen) is if I liked iOS, which I don't.
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iPhone 4. [FLAMESUIT ON]
I've used every Android phone and I simple don't like them, at all.
All these phones are about the same hardware wise.
I still hate Apple, with the iPhone being the ONLY exception, the screen looks a little better and more vibrant than the ones mentioned, the touch screen is flawless.

Everybody who has seen and used my phone loves it, even the Droid boys at work.
3 of my ex-roommates had Androids, Galaxy S [horrid build quality imo], Droid 2, and the Incredible. They all sold their phones for the iPhone, if that says anything to you.
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