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After installing Oracle's VM VirtualBox, my volume appears to be muted on startup of my XP x64 SP2 machine. I'm running a core i7 with 12GB of ram, and I've tried reinstalling multiple versions of Realtek's drivers. The odd part about it is that only the Wave volume option is muted, not the global Volume Control. I can un-mute it, and it stays un-muted, but if I reboot, it starts out muted.

I even contacted Realtek support, and here's what they said:

Originally Posted by Realtek Audio Support

The audio driver can not mute volume by auto. Maybe some application try to change it in your system . Please try to turn off all of start-up application to check it again.
Great, I can try that, but I only see a few startup programs to begin with, and I've scanned my PCs for viruses and spyware. Nothing was found. Everything appears to be normal. I'll give it a shot. Must have something to do with Oracle's VM? But how? What else could it be?

Anything I should try besides the above of disabling my startup apps? I've noticed that it mutes a few seconds into boot in-between the time BitDefender and Realtek's audio drivers load. I don't think it's a fault of BitDefender, as it doesn't happen on my other similar machines running similar hardware. This only recently started after installing Oracle's VM software. I still think it has something to do with the audio drivers.
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