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Asus KGPE-D16/IKVM AMD 5690 beautiful nightmare

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Hello everybody, I am new here so I first talk about me and say hello to all the geeks in here
This post is going to be a little long just because I´m new

I´m Dino, coming from Italy and working with post production, 3D stuff mostly.
Recently, after 6 years using my old DELL laptop
I decided to assemble a new powerfull computer by myself.
Big mistake.

I got an Asus KGPE-D16/IKVM AMD 5690 server motherboard with
two Opteron 6100 8 core CPU´s
Ram: 16 gigabytes DDR3

I assembled eveything, installed windows and play with it
very powerful but after a few days the motherboard mysteriously died.

needed to buy a new one (goodbye march salary) and now I am a little scared because:
problem one
1) The voltage values on the bios are crazy almost all of the component have red value which are the double of the value they should have.
exemple: 12+ = 24 (in red)
I get double value for the memory and the cores too.

problem two
The bios CPU temperature sais my CPU´s are -0,5 degrees Celsius which means that they should be ice cubes.

problem three the mysterious one.
If the case side panel is closed, windows does not start and the only thing working are the fans to the maximum power.
if the case is open windows starts normally and everything works but the fan do not change speed and stay low.
Everything is assembled with a lot of care, the jumpers, the connections are
the default ones, the devices are the basic ones: one solid state drive,
one dvd player.

I am vey sorry for talking too much, but maybe you can help me to no burn another 400 euro motheboard...

Thank you very much
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I had many motherboard die without any explanation, the thing I figured out was that a newly dead, clean motherboard could be saved with a magnet. Each chip is so weak and has weak diodes that will migrate, but with some neodynium, you can bring them back to life. But, you can't use it forever, you have to eventually flash the bios. The dynium alighns the crystal latices and makes the otherwise worthless chips usable for a few days until its reburn't with a fresh flash and usage.
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Did you use standoffs in the installation?
Sounds like you have a multitude of grounding problems (i.e. case closed no open...)
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