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Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT temperature issue

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Good morning all,

Relative newbie here looking for a little bit of help regarding the temperature my Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT is running at.

I downloaded GPU-Z and when idle the card averages around 85*C with 45% fan speed.

When I play Shogun 2 the fan speed increases to 100% but the GPU will increase up to 115*C at which point the game will drop in FPS until the card has cooled a bit. I have used EVGA precision to reduce the cards settings to as low as possible but this only delays the overheating.

From what I have seen these temperatures far exceed normal temps. My card does not seem to have been damaged by this so far so my first questions would be, how can I tell if the temperature readings are correct and the card is not limiting itself based on an incorrect temperature reading?

Assuming the temperature is correct: How would I go about improving the cooling. The inside of the my PC case is almost identical to this:

The graphics card is located in the bottom left hand corner of the case and its onboard fan blows the hot air onto the bottom of the case (approx 2 inches away). I assume this will just reflect the heat back onto the card.

Can anyone advise me on the best way to cool this card given the situation?

Many thanks.
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Reading the rest of this forum I have just learned about artifacts. It appears in one overheating topic someone mentioned artifcacts tend to occour when a gfx card overheats.

I have never seen artifacts on my screen. Is this indicative that my card is not overheating, despite the very high temp readings?
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I think your card is overheating because both softwares (GPU-Z and Precision) report high temperature.

When a GPU approaches high temp, it throttles back to protect itself and so the framerate drops. Sometimes this happens before any artifact appears.

When I look at your pic, it further confirms that your 9800GT neither receives sufficient fresh air nor is able to exhaust the hot air.

I suggest:
a. move the front harddisk from the lower case front to an empty space in the 3.5'' or 5.25'' bay areas (red arrow 1)
b. install a 120mm fan for intake fresh air from case front at the current location of that harddisk. This is crucial as I do not see any obvious fresh air path to your graphics card. (green arrow 2)
c. move the PCI card (sound card or lan card) one slot further down to increase space between the graphics card and it (red arrow 3)
d. remove a PCI slot cover at the back and install a PCI slot cooler, either internal or external, to that location (red arrow 4). This is responsible for extracting hot air dumped by your 9800GT.

Internal PCI slot cooler:

External PCI slot cooler:

And lastly, welcome to OCN!

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Thank you for that comprehensive, detailed response.

I will follow your recommendations tonight and get those fans ordered. I'll feed back any results after I have tried it all out.

Thanks again.
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