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R3E burn marks

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so i had my rig apart for some maintanence and when i put iit back together i couldnt get it to boot. I tryied everything finally i raged and took the chipset hs off to ensure that wasnt shorting anything. To my surprise a nice burn mark ensued So now my board is dead and im gonna have to rma with asus. Im in dire need as my school stuff is comming to an end and i need the rig for my projects and such. I hope they cross ship it to me..... sry no pics my camera is dead and my lappy is broken so i cant upload them from my cell
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yea they get hot, too hot for my taste, mine is sitting at healthy 85ºC and is not overclock it all, u will need a fan on top of it to cool it down, or even better since u use WC, EK has a great block that u may want to check out
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that's what happens when you fold?
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Sorry to hear that. Get that advanced rma rolling out for it. My audio went out on mine. Called them they sent a advanced rma to my email, printed it out and emailed it back. And in about 4 days i had a replacement board. Was yours a rev 2.xx or a rev 1.xx?

Asus's Phone Number:
1-(812)-282-2787 opt 2, then 1
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