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Intel over AMD. They seem to be different rigs... the cheaper one has less powerful GPU and CPU.

Go with a different monitor. I got a 24" Samsung monitor about a year ago that sells for $190 new these days.

Drop the case down. The HAF-X is gorgeous and wonderful but HUGE, doesn't seem like an enthusiast build that would take full advantage.

The PSU is a bit large... don't think you'd quite need 700W for all that but I may be wrong.

And I would drop the Blu-Ray player but that's just me. If you plan on using it more power to you, but this is the age of streaming media my friend!
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ty. i will go with haf 932. and for the mobo i found this http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product...-707-_-Product
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Are you shopping in Canada? Might I recommend DirectCanada.com.

And this is the monitor I have. I have no complaints and it's dirt cheap! Though Samsung does have a tearing issue that only v-sync can fix...

EDIT: The HAF 922 is also $75 on DC, much cheaper than the 932.
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what do you mean tearing issue? and v-sync?
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thanks alot for the site. its incredible! so much cheaper than newegg
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Yeah it is. I just priced out your rig from your original specs and it's at $1300 with that Samsung monitor I recommended. Plus free shipping. Tax blows, especially if you're in Ontario, but such is life.

Screen tearing is when the image literally seems torn on the screen; the top and bottom half don't much up. See here. Notice the urinals, how part is displaced? I've had a few Samsungs and each has had this problem. It's solved by turning on v-sync in the games or via some other method. The only problem is that it sucks a bit of power from the GPU (probably not a huge problem with yours), usually only a couple FPS but it caps your max frame rate at the refresh rate of the monitor, which will be 60fps. Kinda sucks to have games only running at 60fps when you got the power (like when I play Oblivion) but for a $180 24" monitor... I can't complain.

Any other questions feel free to ask.

EDIT: Oh and the pricing is with a 922 instead of 932.
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thanks alot for all your help casanova. my only other question is what are onboard usb's used for?
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Well. To differentiate there's the USB ports on the I/O panel on the motherboard that are used for plugging USB cables into. And then there's USB ports on the motherboard itself that you plug more USB ports into, like extra USB ports that sit in your PCI slots, or the ones on the front of your case or even card readers.

USB I/O ports vs. onboard USB ports (the yellow thing in the bottom right of the picture)

EDIT: Always go with the "the more, the better" strategy. You can never have enough, especially onboard ports, at least in my opinion. But it's not something you should switch motherboards over.
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