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So I have a handful of old P4 systems laying around, and have been thinking of turning one of them into a NAS for home use. Possibly even spending a couple bucks for a dual core on the cheap.

I plan on using an old case, or possibly making my own enclosure. I'm going for quiet, but not silent and plan to use a fan controller to deal with noise/temp balance. The rig will be running pretty much 24/7

I have a couple of questions about air temps though.

Running 4-8 HDDs I don't want to have the fans full blast all the time, but I don't want to jeapordize the drives by having them overheat. What internal case temps should I be shooting for?

To also help with noise reduction, I was thinking of going passive cooling on the CPU (Heatsink no/fan). Since this system will be a NAS running FreeNAS - there will be very little usage of processor and board. Having say x2 120mm fans blowing across the case and the board be enough for passive?

Other thoughts?