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This my build log for my 750 rs 240 water cooling kit. I took everything out and setr it out on my bed, then went to the task of taking out motherboard, mounting rad and fans followed by the res. I got everything setup, was about to start hooking hose up and then realized I had to take the block off and turn it. Did that and hooked up hose, put clamps on, then started filling it, turning case upside down and everything to get bubbles out of rad and then filled some more, more turning and flipping and then more water and then I was done.

Though I did initially get very pissed, it doesn't come with a am3 compaitial back plate so I used the long screws with the spring nut and then nuts with nylon washers on the back. Temps are promising for my first water cooling build, 64F idle as I write this and 77f max under load.