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"Fire & Ice" - Case Labs M8 WC'd - Thread revived - final pics to come shortly - Page 9

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Rivets are super cheap. Aluminum are the cheapest ones, and black heads are a bit more but no more than $15-20 for 100-250 pieces. The riveter is super cheap as well.

I learned to de-rivet my HAF 932 as it went through a lot of phases and paint jobs. Its super easy once you get the hang of it, just be careful as the tool tends to kick sideways and might scratch your finish.
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I have gone back and forth with if I should or not the past month. Since I've gone from a full paint job to now using cf wrap for a portion of the interior, I think it will be fine. If I were to do a full paint job I would definitely drill out the rivets.

CaseLabs mentioned in another thread that deriveting the case will void the warranty. I already did that by cutting the case anyway but the info is there none the less.

We'll see how it turns out. I can always pull it apart and repaint if it turns out to be crap...
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Whew!! What a weekend it has been. Yard work, a picnic at the lake, and big leap forward in this project! I'm sorting through pics now, and have a couple more to take as I finish working on the rig tonite.

Update and pics incoming in a couple hours . . .
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Update 6 - Pedestal and accessories get some color at last

Well, the weather held out for me. It was forecasted to rain all weekend and for the next few days. Saturday is was very windy, and today was threatning to rain all day. I took a chance and started painting the pedestal and all the pieces and parts of the main case. Thankfully it was only a bit windy and I was able to get some things accomplished. As I type this, a few sprinkles of started falling - timing is everything in life . . .

As has become a bit of a signature, here is another pic from Alaska. This one is of my back yard. I live in a beautiful place indeed.

My goal for the weekend was to tape / mask everything that needed paint . . . and then of course paint them! I give myself a B+ for completion as I didn't quite finish. I'm running into a design issue with cable management. On paper 2 months ago, I thought I had it figured out, but as these things sometimes go, once I got to that point in the build I realized my plans wouldn't work. I think I have a solution, but will have to try it out this week. All that to say, that the main case frame did not get painted.

But everything else did!

Note - to save on redundancy, I've posted a few general shots of the painting process and focused on the steps on only the pedestal and one panel instead of showing everything.

Tools for this update:
My back deck
5 cans Krylon spray paint
2 cans Rustoleum spray primer - grey (this stuff rocks!)
multiple grades of sand paper
can of air

When painting, it is always a good idea to clean your target prior to applying paint. Removing and particles and oils from your fingers or production will help with a better paint job.

Here is my chili pot (5 gal bucket ended up with a crack in the bottom) filled with warm water and couple drops of soap. Others use harsher chems, but this works for my purposes. Also note the coffee filters - these are lint free and are perfect for mopping up the water in corners and crevices after cleaning.

In this build, I am using 3 of these flex-bay mount HDD cages.

There are 8 screws holdling it all together. Here it is disassembled with the front mesh masked.

The pedestal, HDD cages, front and side panels, and the main case doors are masked and ready for paint. The rear panel of the motherboard tray is shown, but wasn't painted yet as I have to mask off additional areas still.

A long shot of my desk showing my work space. Sometimes I wish I had a garage/shop to work in, but you make do with what you got! Primer applied to a few pieces already

Everything sans pedestal is primed and drying. Most pieces received 2 coats of primer with a light sanding inbetween.

Starting to apply paint. This was the first coat I believe

Back to the work bench after priming and some paint. In total there were almost 30 individual pieces to paint today.

Here is the front panel of the M8. The left side is the motherboard side, and the right side with the mesh cut out is the PSU side. Since this panel spans both sides and hence two different color themes, I had to do some additional masking.

First step was to primer the whole panel. Then I painted the "Fire" side first.

I applied 3 coats letting the panel dry 15-20 minutes between each coat. Then I taped off the center line.

Next up I taped down some masking paper to protect the golden finish.

I then applied 3 coats of white on the "Ice side"

Finally, after letting it dry for about an hour, I removed the mask and the tape. Turned out quite well I think.

Ok, next up here are a few shots of the fully painted doors and accessories. They were all painted similar as described above - each receiving a few light coats and sandings as needed.

The last project for me to tackle was painting the pedestal that will eventually house my home NAS. It also served as a painting test for the main case.

Masked off, cleaned, and ready to go.
Note - I didn't bother fully masking the shown topside of the pedestal. This will be sandwiched under the M8 where it won't be seen so overspray isn't a concern here.

The side rails shown here are where the panels with the new windows are installed. I am painting these rails the same as the interior to tie it all together whenever the side panel is removed. Unnecessary, but a nice touch I thought.

Primer applied - 2 coats total with a sanding at the end of the 2nd coat. This primer was great stuff. I've used on a couple other projects and for a spray primer this is one of the best I've used.

After the first coat of primer, I found I had missed a few drops of water from the cleaning process that fell out when I flipped the pedestal during the first primer round. It mucked up the primer in a few spots. I sanded the spots and they looked fine after the 2nd coat.

For the last pic of the night, I give you the painted pedestal

This had 4 coats applied with a sanding between coats 2 & 3. I'm very happy with how it turned out. The green will be toned down when it has all the covers on and is not in direct sunlight. In person, it isn't quite so hulk green.

All the pieces still have the tape in place. I'm going to apply a clear coat finish in the next day or two as I have time. Once that drys, the masking will be removed.

All in all, a very productive update. I will be testing a few things this week, and hope to have some of my issues resolved. The goal is to paint the main case, and then I'll either begin the wiring or install the NAS - not sure yet.

Thank you for coming along for the ride. As always, please post any comments or questions. I hope everyone is enjoying this as much as I am. The fun stuff is starting to happen now, and I'm looking forward to seeing the build come to life.

Until next time . . .

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Wow, nice! are you going for an amd color theme?
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Originally Posted by wermad View Post
Wow, nice! are you going for an amd color theme?
No, more of an elemental interpretation. Fire, ice, and earth. The Fire side of this build won't really come together until the end, but I'll get there!
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Originally Posted by Bear907 View Post
No, more of an elemental interpretation. Fire, ice, and earth. The Fire side of this build won't really come together until the end, but I'll get there!
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Gah!! It won't stop raining so I'm still stuck in not being able to finish the painting of the main case. I have been working on a few other issues though, and have also ordered the rest of the parts and pieces I needed.

I think I have my cable routing issue mostly solved. I'll post my solution in the next update with some pics of course.

One issue I've run into has been with fan orientation since I can't do push/pull on the rads due to space limitations. Originally, I wasnt planning on having 2 PSUs in the right side of the case as the NAS in the pedestal was an idea formed later. Now I have 2 PSUs pumping heat into the right side with only venting for one. On top of that if I pull cool air in from above the warm air from the rads is also flooding that side. Hence my dilemma.

I decided to do 6 fans between the case and pedestal that I originally was not going to do. This will solve my heat issue. Now I just need to decide which direction to force the air through the stack...Up or down?

I've started a thread HERE asking for opinions. I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts in that thread or the log here.


EDIT: expounded on my thoughts
Edited by Bear907 - 6/16/11 at 3:02pm
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mini update - Plans for the week

After work tonite, I am planning on getting the last few holes I need drilled done, and pending the weather holds I'll be painting the main case and remaining hardware today or tomorrow.

The new Crosshair V motherboard has arrived, but I'm unable to test it unless I want to pull the processor out of my current rig . . . which I may do in a week or so to test.

I also ordered a few last minute items including a waterblock for the 2nd GPU, a 2nd 35x pump and dual pump top, a couple DMCI filters for the fan intakes, and a few cathodes.

Art update - the vector files for the window art are just about completed. The few acrylic panels and a few misc pieces should be cut this week and I hope to have them etched in a couple weeks just in time to wrap this build up.

I have a full week off the first week of July.
My goal is to have the build completed by the end of it. That gives me 3 ish weeks to be done - best get to it eh?

more to come this week.

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So . . . I hit a set back tonite. I've painted 3 or 4 cases over the years - simply mind you - but I have some experience with a rattle can. However, I have never attempted to paint a mesh before. Tonite I pulled the tape on all the pieces of the last update, and all the mesh looks similar to this . . .

The interior turned out perfectly

I fired off a quick msg to our resident painting pro FannBlade. He has suggested I reverse the mask and repaint the exterior black.

My other thought is to try going about the tedious task of cleanup with some paint remover and a Qtip.

Sandpaper is out as it will destroy the powdercoat finish. Although I may have to use some sandpaper in each of the mesh holes . . .

I don't know which way will be better / worse. I'll probably try out both ways on one of the small flexbay cover plates to see what works best. painting black would be easist, but may run into the same issue in reverse and/or the transition from black paint to black powdercoat may be noticable. If I go the paint remover route, it will be tedious and time consuming, and there is a large chance that any paint remover may drip onto the interior side and ruin that paint job . . .

I'm open to other's thoughts or opinions on the matter.

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