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I really like the GTX 560Ti Twin Frozr. When the AMD 6950 came out its price was tempting and it was under the high end card category but after seeing reviews of the 560Ti Twin Frozr I was really impressed since in most cases it has higher gains than the 6950. Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of both sides, AMD and Nvidia. I just go for whats best for the money. I was considering Overclock ability, Temperature and Power consumption.

Here is a link to a 560Ti Twin Frozr also don't forget to check the temperature.

Also I have nothing to say against the 6850/6870. One word. Impressive. Its crossfire scaling is amazing as I've said in many threads. The 6850's has very very good power consumption. If you can get one card then another in a month or so it won't disappoint you.

Look at its performance.

Some people like me find it hard to believe reviews so that best way is to check it on different sites to have a satisfied answer.

But you can't go wrong with a 6850/6870 crossfire performance. You can go with the non reference if you don't wish to overclock so much and it gives better temperatures. With the reference they overclock better but gives more heat because of the blower type.