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Mornings guys!!!

i'm new here and i just saw this thread!

i would like to ask the same thing !

I'm about to get a new motherboard for music prgorams video editing some online games and of course I aim for the BEST PERFORMANCE that i can achive!

i already bought the
Hydro H80 Liquid
Silent Pro 800W PSU
ATI HD 6770 as GPU and i plan to buy a second one for SLI mode
SSD Corsair SATA 3 120GB
1 TB WD Blue SATA 2
1 TB WD Black Scorpio SATA 2
1,5 TB Seagate Barracuda SATA 2
500 GB Seagate Barracuda SATA 3
i5 2500K 3.4 MHz
and ASUS P8H61-M (and i'm not pleased with that M/B i want to change it)

and i'm planning to buy
4 X 8BG rams (don't know what MHz yet it depends on the motherboard that i'm going to buy)
a very good motherboard (ASUS i think use high quality products)
the same ATI HD 6770 (i'm pleased with my new GPU it works perfect for me!)
and PC case which will be quiet and keep temprature in low celcius (remember i need a big one cause my H80 is really big)

please let me know your suggestions!
and don't ask me how much money i want to spend...
What you pay , that you take

also i would like to know some tips on how to overclock my CPU GPU and RAMS when i get my new Motherboard
thanks in advice