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Originally Posted by unexpectedly View Post
Before buying a psu be sure to check out the approved power supply list in the psu forum... I bought a 700w thermal take that i shouldn't have & wished i would have known about that list first.

And I'll agree with the others about a good 500~600w psu being plenty. I'll also agree that your cpu will be fine. If you detect or feel slow, bring up a load monitor and see. Id suggest getting the Gpu and love it until ivy bridge or bulldozer make the current i7 systems sell for cheap in the classified forum...

The original PSU recommended in this thread, the 500w Antec one, is in the recommended PSU thread in the 500-599w range, but it still doesn't offer any information as to if it can boot the MSI 560 Ti OC.

The 550w one the other person recommended is confirmed to work with the MSI 560 Ti OC card as someone made a review on newegg and said he's using that PSU+Card
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Alright, I necro'd this thread as I have more funds to work with now and I officially know how much, just found out how much I'd get back from taxes.

My limit on a card is $250

PSU limit is $100

Combined limit is $350 so either aspects have room to be tweaked.

I intend to spend $350 on the actual hardware itself without worrying about tax/shipping. In other words, exceeding $350 because of tax and shipping is fine.

Quick refresher


At least 1GB of texture ram.
At least 256bit memory interface.
No severe heat issues would be great.

A native full-sized HDMI port would be preferably but it's not a must as all the cards with mini-HDMI come with a mini-HDMI > HDMI adapter, though if anyone knows of any issues that would prevent me from using it please let me know as I'll be using the HDMI port to connect to my TV specifically for videos.

Currently using an MSI 9600 GT 1GB model with malfunctioning fan.

My preference is an Nvidia card as ever since AMD bought ATI drivers have suffered severely.

My original choice was limited to a $160 Nvidia 460 SE and around $60 for a PSU, that's obviously changed for the better.

After seeing recommendations on here and reading reviews I can't find a reason NOT to get this card


However, if you can find something more suitable please feel free to recommend it. I noticed it's a military grade card too and I really don't need that, though that's logically why the comments show it keeping so cool for people, better design.

As for the PSU, I need one that can boot that specific card or any card that's recommended. Keep in mind it's an OC'd 560 Ti *I think* and might need more power. the PSU must also have a 4pin connector for an AMD Socket AM3 Athlon II x4 630 motherboard, I think the proper term for that is ATX 12v 4pin ?, the connector specifically for the CPU, not the motherboard.

Edit - Wondering if this card would be worth it as I will NOT be upgrading again for quite some time, so at least Vram wise the framebuffer wouldn't be insufficient @ 1920x1080 with 2xAA when Elder Scrolls Skyrim comes out.
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