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Man, I've been wanting to go Eyefinity, but this thread has ruined it for me. Still, the U2711 is $1000, that is one expensive monitor. I've learned that quality is worth it, but that's just madness. I'm having a hard time imagining that a single display will beat 3 of less quality. I mean, there's 3 of 'em! Can't I just pretend that TN panels are better?
U2711 is a 10-bit panel (12 bit with AFRC) while U2311H is a 6 bit panel (8bit with AFRC). Long story short, U2711 relies less on dithering so you'll have less banding/MUCH smoother gradients (I haven't seen any banding thus far, and it's kind of a pet peeve of mine).

It's also a wide gamut monitor, and covers the aRGB space along with the standard sRGB. That's really only a bonus if you're into photography/design. U2311H is sRGB only.

U2311H has the more accurate sRGB gamut, since it is native sRGB to begin with, and has much lower input lag.

Sooo... pick whichever setup suits your needs best!