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XARMOR-U9BL and backlights

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I am having a situation with my xarmor keyboard that whenever I turn off my PC the lights on the keyboard stay on and the only way for me to turn them off is to go behind and unplug then replug the PS/2 port. Right now it is not such a big deal but when I do get a new desk it is going to be very difficult to do this procedure everyday. Does anyone that has this keyboard have a solution and is this happening to you as well. Thank you.
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USB/PS/2 peripherals can draw power from one of two sources: either your PSU's +5V rail, or its +5V standby rail (+5VSB). +5VSB stays powered even when the computer is turned off and only powers down when the PSU is turned off/unplugged.

By default your USB and PS/2 devices will draw from the +5VSB. However, some (some) motherboards have a switch that lets you force them to draw from the regular +5V instead, which powers down when the system does. That would force the U9BL's backlighting to turn off.

Look through your motherboard's manual and see if there's anything about a +5V/+5VSB switch for USB devices. If not then you'd have to mod the keyboard to get the lights to turn off when the PC does.
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