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@ the 2800 rpm + Black Ice > Fesser > TC PA > MCR > Rasa > HWlabs
@ the 1800 rpm Black Ice > fesser > TC PA > Rasa RX > MCR > HWlabs
@ the 1400 rpm TC PA > Rasa RX > Fesser > MCR = Black Ice > HWlabs

Over all the Black ice is the best at the most common 1800 rpm range but not by much it eaks out a win over the Rasa and Fesser by a mere 0.4c.

It really depends on how fast your fans will be running and how much you wanna shell out.
Interesting. Well, I've got several Scythe Kama fans that will be used on the rads, I think they go up to 2000 RPM. Plus the Aquaero unit to control fan speed, so I don't see much of a problem. Looks like I'm going Black Ice. +Rep

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You only need one reservoir (two reservoirs are something more for dual loops), and I don't think FrozenQ makes a CPU block.
Hm.... But I want two Res's... even if it's impractical. lol. And FrozenCPU didn't make the block, it was an Enzotech block that they've modified to make mroe efficient. I bought it here in the OCN forums.