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What does TRC do? Its left on auto but I did everything else. I also Disabled Channel Interleaving since I have 2 sticks (or less).

Now look at this.

What I see is 1.8v , whats enough accurate reader you would recommend?

Thanks for your help I really appreciate it

Edit: Also for the 9955BE I can do x15, adjust voltage 1 notch if it fails to boot or something right? I have Prime95 and small ftt that but how do I use it? Just run it and number of torture tests to 4 (which is default) and let it sit for how long? It literally shows nothing but 4 small pages not updating, I did it wrong maybe

Edit #2: HyperPi 32M where do I exactly download it? Can't find it on google or on MajorGeek
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tRC is another timing setting. Optimally it is tRP + tRAS.
I don't think Channel Interleaving does anything unless you have something other than 2 or 4 DIMMS (i.e. 3 DIMMs it will run dual channel interleaved for 2 DIMMs, and single channel for the other when you use it)

Overclock one multiplier at a time, test in between with IntelBurnTest (faster, more useful for short CPU testing). If you find instability, raise the voltage a notch. Knowing Phenom processors expect to max at around 3Ghz-3.2Ghz

The program is called "HyperPi", "32M" is just a setting you run within the program that is better for testing mem. Search HyperPi without the word 32M.
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Thank you, I will do that now. I came across a lot of things and what people told me to do, you helped me the most as well as BMW. I still have another question, whats up with SPD tab in CPU-Z giving me 1.8v?
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How do I read the test?

Priority normal
Nothing disabled.

Test done. 4 instances - whatever that means. Fastest time was like 30m 23.690s

- Not calculated all the way down

I passed the test right?
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I also overclocked my CPU yesterday, a lot of blue screens on bootup \\ IntelBurnTest but I got it right this time. 1.360v @ 42c idle

Should my ram be overclocked at a higher mhz speed or more gbs?
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