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Nvidia Ion2 compatibily

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Hey all

I have recently got a Asus EEEPC Lamborghini VX6 Netbook



I have been very impressed in it gaming ability for a netbook

I have been having trouble with

Just Cause 2
The Force Unleashed
and a few others

From what i can tell.. it is because the card detects as a Intel card until it boot into the game...

The weird thing is that The Force Unleashed 2 works perfectly...

any ideas how to make it look like a nvidia card all the time?


Found a setting in the Nvidia control panel which forces the Nvidia card on... now The Force Unleashed 1 and all the others works perfectly....

besides for just cause 2...

it just get to the slash screen when the game boots...

then closes off..

no error message or anything..

it just stops..

any ideas?
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i backed up the game files

then reloaded the game...

it downloaded about 20 mbs worth of files (guessing corrupt files)

and hey presto it works

it runs alot better then i thought as well...

native res (1366*766) at about 30-40fps with everything else set to min...

not bad for a netbook
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