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Thanks for taking my post out of context. Did ignoring the rest of that paragraph make you feel really smart?

I have encountered some motherboards that fail to turn on with certain models of PSUs.
Dude... to the contrary. You brought in a technical aspect to an otherwise humorous thread and I don't mind that one bit. In fact, I even thank you for it! That's why I take your word when you say that a BIOS could help with a PSU/MOBO incompatibility issue. That I can see and agree with you 110%. I too have come across mobo's that fail to power up with an incompatible PSU but NEVER have I seen a PSU spark if the problem is one of incompatibility. Overload would probably just knock out the protection circuit of the PSU. If the protection circuit fail to activate, then the mobo would be the component sparking, smoking or whatever... not the PSU. It may after a bit but not without the mobo frying first and the poster of that issue clearly mentions that it almost fried his $700 mobo. that means that the mobo is safe and sound.

Now... you must admit though... if the PSU itself is sparking, it is not because of a mobo incompatibility. This is a physical problem with the PSU itself. Bad component (blown capacitors spit out sparks sometimes), frayed wire rubbing on bare metal, etc.

I do thank you for taking the time to add to the thread though. And to answer your question... no... I did not ignore the rest of your paragraph and I do not see how I would be any smarted in doing so. I do believe that the comment was totally uncalled for.

Have a nice day!