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Deciding between PSU

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So im deciding on either the XFX Black edition 850W or the Core edition 850W
I looked at the specs and i think the core edition is the more superior was just asking you guys your opinions?



Thanks guys
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The Black Edition 850W is a superior unit, and it's also modular.
That said, the Core Edition 850W is also an excellent unit. If you don't mind the green fan and paying an extra $20, get the Black Edition.
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So the one i originally wanted is in fact better? awesome. So what exactly is the difference between the two?
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Internally they are completely different units. The XFX 850W Black Edition is a SeaSonic M12D 850W unit that's 80 Plus Silver rated. It's a flawless unit: http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php...Story&reid=165

The XFX 850W Core is also a great unit, "only" 80 Plus Bronze rated, see the review: http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php...Story&reid=217

Since you're not going to notice a difference between the two in terms of performance, it boils down to how much you want to pay, whether you want modularity, and if you care about the green fan one way or the other.
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Awesome Thanks man, just one more question what exactlly is the modularity thing your mentioning?
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Sorry, I assumed you would know
Modularity is the ability to connect only the wires you need to the PSU.
A non-modular unit has this huge hydra of cables sticking out of it. If you don't end up using all of them (which you most likely won't), you have to tuck them away from your case's airflow and to keep things neat. It's not a huge deal but if your case is small, you may have space issues.
If your PSU is modular, then it's either fully modular and every cable can be disconnected from it at will, or semi-modular, where some cables are hard-wired and most of the rest can be connected and disconnected at your leisure.
Full modularity is kind of useless on my opinion since there are cables on a PSU which you will always, always need, e.g. the 24-pin motherboard connector, but a lot of people appreciate to have it.
The XFX 850W Black Edition is semi-modular. If you look at the pictures in the review I linked you to, you'll see that it has eight green connectors. If you keep scrolling down, you'll see the contents of the package, including the large collection of modular cables which the unit comes with.
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Ahh i see i see, makes sense. Thanks a ton man.
So looks like im going to be getting the black edition I was hoping this was the better choice, i love the green haha. Just was not 100% cause of the specs on the links i posted , The core edition had protection or something.
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