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Hi, I'm interested in OC my gf 240m, because this video card is slow for new games.
Standard clocks :
GPU - 550MHz
Memory - 790MHz
Shader - 1210MHz
After OC:
GPU 698
Memory 1030
Shader 1398
I want OC more because the graphics at idle is around 33 degrees and 60 degrees on benchmark (CPU (i7 720qm) 70 degrees).. The problem is that above 700MHz on the GPU and 1400 on the shader after 20 minutes of playing receives the message "nvidia display driver has stopped working and succesfully Recovered" or see a beautiful blue screen.
So can I overvolt this video card ? I tried but msi afterburner voltage option is locked.
Screen of the GPU-Z: [img] [/ img] (And I'm sorry for bad English )
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