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Hey everyone, I have had my laptop for about 2 years now (got it refurbished) and its been a reliable beast, but the battery is really starting to go. (It only lasts about 20 minutes now).

Instead of forking over a good $120 for a new 9 cell battery (Asus G50vt) , I decided I would just buy new lithium ion cells and just replace them (I know how to solder, and its only at a few points)

So I ripped apart the battery and got the following info about the cells.

Theres 3 rows of 3 cells:

Samsung ICR18650-24E Cells
2400 mAh, 3.7V
Heres a more detailed link:

So I know I need an "18650" lithium ion cell, and they need to be the same or less dimension-wise.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with some cells, and possible some recommendations. I was looking at these :

Keep in mind I live in Canada, I'm trying to avoid outrageous shipping costs.
Any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks a million. I +rep anyone who helps biggrin.gif