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Hi, just letting u guys know this is my first post on

So for a long time I was adamant that I would never OC my computer.. that is until yesterday when I suddenly got an all mighty urge to test out my new H50 cpu cooler.

On to the point: My knowledge of PC's is ok, my knowledge of OC'ing is a bit limited. I understand all the contributing factors to overclocking (heat, voltages, RAM timings etc) but I'm still not confident to fiddle with settings. So of course i read some forums and guides, most were atleast in some way helpful....

So heres my setup!!

PSU: 750W Corsair HX
CPU: i7 920 @ 3.36Ghz
RAM: 3x2gig GEIL EVOTWO 2000Mhz
GPU: HD 5870 CF(x2)
and an H50 Corsair CPU cooler

Programs that I'm using to test:
Core Temp

So I managed to get my RAM stable at about 1900Mhz this morning with no problems, as well as my CPU very comfortable at 3.36Ghz (21x) but I'm still unsure of how to now get the best timings. My recommended settings are: 9-9-9-28 and 1.65V. Which seem really loose..

What ive actually set DRAM voltage at is 1.66V (recommended by a well praised walkthrough on overclocking the 920) but have refrained from tightening the timings just yet.

I tried increasing my CPU but it isnt stable at 3.8Ghz, thats with CPU voltage pushed up to 1.20V which should be sufficient..

My questions are: is my PSU going to be a contributing factor in overclocking?? 750W is cutting it fine with 2 5870's.
Any ideas why my CPU is unstable at 3.8Ghz even with sufficient Voltage?
What to do about my RAM timing? try 8-8-8-24 and see if that's stable? Increase voltage past 1.66?? Is tightening the timings even going to provide a performance gain??

Im really unsure and it's difficult to track down information specific to my setup or problems.. So thanks in advance!!