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so i have two dead boards both asus boards. The first one is a R2E. I recieved this fresh from rma from a member here on ocn. it woudl not post. Naturally i tried everything to no avail. today i called up asus. spoke with Robby. He was very helpfull and understanding as i explained what i have done. We quickly set up an advanced rma and i got my number and im set. I inquired as to my second dead board (R3E). he told me they can only do one advanced rma at a time. He then advised me it would be faster to recieve my first board send my old one in then give them a call and go ahead and advance rma this board. Over all i am very happy that i will be recieving my new boards soon. I would also like to note that this service rep actually sounded english with (no offence) makes me a feel alot more comfertable with the service i am recieving. Over all so far an A-/A performance. Only improvement is if i could do two advanced rmas at once.