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So I have recently been finding that with Skype...I have version 5.1 and Starcraft 2, I cannot run the game in fullscreen windowed mode [because i have eyefinity] with ANY decent fps. If skype is IN A CALL, and SC2 is in windowed mode fullscreen i get 13-16 fps...If I have the game in fullscreen i get 60 (obviously cuz CF is enabled) BUT! If I'm just in windowed mode with a border I still get 45-60 fps...what I'm getting at is what is wrong with skype, or gfx card or sc2 that ONLY in the one mode (the one i want to use) it doesn't work...i've check my temps and usage and NOTHING is close to maxb except the gpu...the GFX at 99% the cpu is below 30% and the ram is below 50% all the temps are CONSISTENTLY below 50degree's on both cpu AND gpu. I'm not sure why it does this...I also have an aftermarket soundcard that have up to date drivers...I'm confused and hope ppl know the answer.
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