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SMP, all the way. I'd say -bigadv, with the 8 cores, but not sure how well it will do given the clock speed.
I'll give it a shot when I get everything configured and let you know how well it handles the -bigadv. I've always wanted to try one of those.

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I take it you cant OC on those boards
I can't find anything to let me do it with this board yet, but there may be some voodoo magic that let's me get somewhere with it.

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Doesn't the PERC raid card sit on a riser in a PCI slot? It shouldn't be too much trouble to remove it, if that was your intention. Great deal on a Dell server! 8gb of ECC memory, even though they're 1gb modules, is a lot of $$$

I hope you're putting it in your basement because the fan noise will drive you batty! They are NOT quiet.
It does look like it's on a riser slot, but when I tried to remove it before it gave me a lot of resistance. I'll try again, but I'll still need to find some card->sata cables. The cable it's got now is designed for the server. Hopefully I can make it work for me (in a different machine that is).

Yeah, there's a decent amount of value in that RAM, but I'm greedy