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Why in the world are people saying 700? or 1k.. ?
If you can get it new out of contract for 700, why would people buy it from you for 700? Iphone 4 is about 450 to 550 right now on craiglist in LA, CA
On Ebay? It is world-wide.

Cragislist? People b dumb yo.

On here? Again, world wide.

But also it will be sold pre-jailbroken and I can set it up with tons of great jailbreaking apps. So it would be great for someone who doesn't know how to do it but wants the amenities. Plus it has a red back mod. It is more then normal for the same reason retail computers are more expensive then if you build it. People b lazy, yo.

EDIT: On ebay is there a way to set a save? Like it will only sell past x dollar amount?
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