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Originally Posted by Apolladan View Post

can i run this standalone without affecting my regular firefox install while importing my regular profile to waterfox?

While you can run both Waterfox and Firefox on the same system, there can be impacts to your Mozilla profile.

At the minimum level, each time you open Waterfox after running Firefox, Waterfox will check your add-ons for compatibility.
Your browsing history and any bookmarks you set in Waterfox will be added to your Firefox profile.
Same for any options and preferences settings.

All of the above stated, I have had no problem opening and using Firefox on my systems where both are installed.

One thing I DO NOT DO is to run different versions of Waterfox and Firefox. I always wait for the new version of Waterfox before installing the related version of Firefox.

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+1 kronckew

I run both Waterfox 30.0 and Firefox 30.0 using the default Australis interface and a dozen or so addons, on 2 different systems. One is Windows 8.1 x64, the other Windows 7 x64.

Both Waterfox and Firefox are perfectly stable on both systems.

Waterfox is simply a 64-bit compile of Firefox, and nothing more. No extra code is added to change the original Firefox functionality.

I am grateful Alex single-handedly provides it to us for free.

@bigkahuna, @arakasi,

Many years experience has taught me that 99% of problems in Firefox, Waterfox and other variants are caused by addons.

When you have a problem, you must be prepared to do a bit of troubleshooting by disabling all addons and then re-enabling them one at a time until you find the culprit.

If you can't cope with undertaking simple troubleshooting steps, go use Internet Explorer instead of posting childish nonsense here.
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This is the first time that I have replied to your problem and I have read all the discussion between you and the others. I have a few comments that I would like to get off my chest.

1. Post count and length of duration on a forum mean JACK SQUAT with regard to competency on a troubleshooting issue.
2. You have a point that if the Mr.Alex creates ways to ask for help than he should be listening. It is disingenuous otherwise.
3. You need to understand that your case is an extreme outlier. NO ONE ELSE has reported problems like yours ever.
4. Unless other people can replicate your problem, it becomes ridiculously hard to locate and fix what might be causing the problem. Not to mention that it may have NOTHING to do with Waterfox. Without a comprehensive way to rule out other causes you can conclude nothing about what is causing the problem. Not to mention that ruling out other sources may well exceed Mr. Alex's knowledge.

5. You need to realize that the reality of the situation, right or wrong, is not what you want it to be and it is unlikely that you will get it to what you want.

If you have problems with the Waterfox experience, then exercise your right as an intelligent, free-thinking person and switch browsers. You have stated on multiple occasions that the Nightly builds are rock-solid for you. Then what is your problem? The whole point of Waterfox was 64-bit Firefox. The Nightly builds are the same thing. Why are you so dead set on Waterfox? It clearly isn't working for you and Nightly is, so why come back? Feature-wise Nightly is better than Waterfox.
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Good and elegant response Hutchinman.

I think i may have found a way to keep speed, while also maintaining a very good level of privacy.


While browsing around i found this article, a very good read and brings up more of my area of expertise. Security.

A new one here while i will follow because it is very interesting to see how people truly think about the most important tool of our computers "the browser", the only reason i make it a big deal here hutch:


Oh and the #1 on your list really has no comparison to my responses as i was suggesting a little level of decency and respect, about how to treat others who have shown there willingness to help here as well as others recognizing the level of care towards the forum and its members. Not really about how it effects troubleshooting. However i truly do like your response. biggrin.gif

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I requested most of the hateful comments back and forth be removed. It was childish and disrespectful. On both parts.
It appears to have been done successfully.

Here is what would be respectful and professional going forward.
If someone posts in this thread that they don't like waterfox, members should not attack that person because they are unhappy about waterfox.
Keep this in mind. If a user is posting here because they are having issues with waterfox, chances are they are not going to be happy at any given time during their issues, about the product. Its always going to be like that. " I am glad waterfox is crashing and i have to be here asking for help " said no one ever.
That is the originating members prerogative and doesn't concern other members. Example : " Looks like trash " There is no bad language, and there is nothing wrong here, he is stating his opinion, this is a public forum. Others might want to chime in and agree

If they are asking for help or assistance, then they should be helped ( by whoever decides they want to help here).
If no one wants to help, then thats ok too, but this is suppose to be a troubleshooting thread and a discussion thread concerning waterfox?
Bashing someone leads no where. Also if you bash them because they now hate the browser, do you think they are going to try taking your suggestions ?

I hope this thread can get back on track, in the beginning i started posting here for help. I received none, and i made my decision to move to a different browser, no harm no foul there either. thumb.gif
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Originally Posted by PalZer0 View Post

I remember reading a post a while back about AdBlock Plus and how it can cause the behaviour that mwarren2 has described.

I can't find a link for it right now though.

I tried disabling both AdBlockPlus and LastPass (top memory users) and the memory use still creeps up to over 1300 MB. I don't believe it is an ad-on. When the memory gets high enough, say over 1100 MB, it also affects my keyboard making it sluggish and unresponsive at times. I also see (Not Responding) in the WaterFox title bar at times.
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quick question.. is it just me or are the browser customizations in release 30 different from before? I could not find a way to use text only (no icons) and have my tabs on the bottom of the menu bar in this version. I rolled back to an earlier version.
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Well I got sick of being nagged about having an outdated browser everytime I logged in to Hotmail so I upgraded to 30. I used Classic Theme Restorer to get it back to looking the way I want it (tabs on the bottom & menu bar ect) and I'm happy with the look now. I'll report back if it's unstable.
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Originally Posted by WindowsTech View Post

Well I got sick of being nagged about having an outdated browser everytime I logged in to Hotmail so I upgraded to 30. I used Classic Theme Restorer to get it back to looking the way I want it (tabs on the bottom & menu bar ect) and I'm happy with the look now. I'll report back if it's unstable.

Guess what?

Now that Firefox 31 is released, the out of date browser warnings will start all over again.

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Well Waterfox is still 30.0 so I have the latest but I don't care if I have to update because my "Classic" setup will stay the same biggrin.gif
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