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ok so im pretty damn new to all the overclock stuff, but i dont really wanna fiddle with the bois as i dont trust myself, but i did follow the steps to unlock the second core of this cpu and it doesnt unlock stops the pc from booting,

if i try using Ez in BIOS itll stop pc from booting, but if i go into windows 7 i can use my asrock oc tuner fine without problems just that i dont really have much idea on what to do with it.

if someone could help would be great.

i have the asrock n68c s ucc board with a amd sempron 140 with stock cooler 2gb ram of pc3-10700 kingston just the one stick, also a 500w psu maybe getting a higher one sometime and a ati radeon 4870.

i also have speedfan and cpu-z software so im kinda ready i can show screenshots of info on cpu-z if anyone wants it.

EDIT: i also have teamviewer if anyone wants to look that way if its easier for them that is.
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