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I'll throw this bump on this one last time, so that it might help someone else. I uninstalled ASUS Gamer OSD that automatically installs anytime you install smartdoctor (required for DCII voltage control). After doing this, I can spin the camera all I want and it's not dropping below 59FPS. I knew it had to be software related for a 570 to not handle WoW.

For reference, I got the idea here (finally got the google search right):

I'm just waiting to see how much better ACB is gonna perform now.

Just for clarification: OSD doesn't have to be running to affect performance. It must be a registry change or something that cripples the card.
Suggest you edit the title of this thread as 'Solved' and perhaps with some keys words like 'Asus', 'Wow'...etc so that when people with the same problem in the future can search with these words and this thread will come up easily.