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Windows VISTA recovery problems

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Okay first of all the the laptop won't read the recovery disk (I wiped the hard drive cause I'm getting ready to sell it), but other computers read it just fine. So I formatted a USB flash and put the cd contents on it only to get this error after choosing how I want to partition the drive:

Cannot open WIM file.

When I alt+tab I can see the "recovery process" is just frozen at 0%. I'm at a bit of a loss here. Any ideas?confused.gif
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So, you cannot load up the recovery discs with the VISTA os at all on the desired laptop?

Have you tried burning the ISO to different discs?

I would also try to partition the drive with another OS maybe XP or 7 or even just a partition editor. This way you know its clean.

Although with most of those recovery discs they make their own custom partitions while loading up the bloatware.

Maybe be better off getting an OEM VISTA disc and using the key on the bottom of the laptop to activate. Who wants all that bloatware anyway?

good luck.
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Yea I just don't get why the disk won't read when it's my laptop with the wiped HD but on 4 other computers they read the disk just fine. Also before I decided to reformat the laptop it read every disk just fine. A little strange never had a problem with reformatting :\
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Well I made a copy of the repair disk and it installed fine. After that it said it was starting windows for the first time. After that I get a screen that gets stuck at "Please wait..." with the windows vista login background. It just stays there and the finally reboots itself. Upon rebooting the screen is black and the mouse pointer is the only thing visible and it just stays there. Any ideas anyone? :S
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You stated you have reformatted this before with the same discs?

If so I would run a Mem and HDD diagnostic.

I would check the Storage option settings in the BIOS too. AHCI and what not.
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Yea I've used the disks before... I don't know how to test the memory or HDD, any programs you can point me towards? :\
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MemTest 86+ HERE

Drive Fitness Test HERE
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