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I don't know where that info is, but this was what I found about my RAM:
"OCZ DDR2 4096MB Gold GX XTC Dual Channel"
"PC2-6400 2x2048MB 800MHz. (5-5-5-18)"

Do you mean 800MHz by saying ddr800?
Sorry, I'm a noob at overclocking, this is my first time

I will install Prime later today..

BTW Smex..
I saw you had the same Graphics card as me (nice choice).
But I was wandering what you're 3DM Vantage score is (on performance settings)?
Hey, glad you made it.
Yes, exactly.. i meant 800mhz with ddr800. hmm.. you can make this OC stable, that should be no problem. but due you got a 2core cpu you can maybe think about selling this ram and buy ddrII1066(533fsb) instead. 2core cpus reach a higher fsb than quads and with a lil luck you could fully run them on 533 or higher with a lower multi to reach 4ghz. the increased speed will be noticable, especially in games and with that card. look around for other peoples overclocks with high fsb´s. i can do a 3DM Vantage run, no problem.. ill post you my score here as soon i get some time to do it.