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I actually work for customer support for T-Mobile and believe me I have seen SOOOOOOO many people that have regular smart phones without tethering use easily 5GB in about 14-20 days. Obviously I see these cause even though we have unlimited internet still people are wondering why they got a message saying their speed has been reduced. I promptly explain that it is nothing to worry about they can still use the web "as much as they want and DON'T have to worry about ANY OVERAGES". They are perfectly content with this and wander on to keep using their internet. I have seen upwards of a few people that have used around 9GB of data on a phone that does not have tethering on it. So it is definitely possible and that's why people don't want ATT to buy T-Mobile, customer service gonna go downhill and then they are gonna implement all their caps and screw people over for more money.

Nice. It's kewl that a company can sell a service and then charge you extra if you use it. Brilliant. Chevy should charge you for driving over a certain amount of miles a month. Makes complete sense.