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Hello everyone.
my first post here so far but far from my first visit.
I put this machine together about 6 months ago.
amd x4 BE 955
8GB ocz ddr3
2x ocz vertex 60GB ssd's
1 TB black storage drive
2x ati 5750 x-fire.

the raid has been running great. I have not noticed any of fabled slowdowns of ssd's so the garbage collection must be doing its thing.

my question is.
I have been reading that people do not recommend the jmicron raid controller being the best home for your raid array (I wouldn't consider this a straight software raid I remember nt server s/w raid) and a person will have better speeds rocking the south bridge raid controller.

well all that time ago I set my raid array up on the jmicron controller. I would like to move it however whenever I reload windows we are talking hours of setup to get things how I want it.

I have a windows home server on my network that my machine backs up to on a regular basis.
I know from working with servers you can't just grab a raid 0,5,10 you name it raid set and move it to another controller and expect it to work (sometimes raid 1 will be ok).

I have moved several VM's from vmware to hyperv the problem with this and where it fits into this solution is in that vmware by default uses a virtual scsi interface for its hdd's and hyperv does not. what a person does is sets up another small hdd in vmware as an ide or sata drive(can't remember exactely right now). power on the vm it installs the driver. power it back down and remove the drive. when you move the vm to hyperv it has the drivers in windows already for the new controller and all is well.

so I was thinking and was wondering if everyone thinks this will work.

say I were to turn the SB controller to raid mode. power on my machine and load the drivers for the controller into windows. (will it see the new "style" of controller without an actual array setup? would I be better throwing two garbage drives in an array?) once the drivers are loaded. create a new windows home server backup. power off the machine. move the drives physically to the new controller. setup the array. boot to the windows home server restore disk (tell it to use the new drivers to access this controller) and restore the backup I just made.

do you think windows will see the need for the new drivers and load them on boot. at that point I would be off to the races?

do yall think this will work?
if you have any other suggestions fire away. I have been in IT for 10+ years and can decipher alot of jargon.