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Bloodrage GTI MOBO Help needed

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Calling all QF Bloodrage and Bloodrage GTI owners.

I recently bought 2 GTX 460's to SLI on my sig rig and fold as much as I could, Previously I had a single GTX 470 (too much heat and noise).

When I popped in one 460 I booted up and windows found the new hardware. Great!

Popped in the second and could not get the MOBO to post. The LED would flash 00, 28, 38 like 3 times and then power off.
Cleared the Cmos and still nothing.
Removed the 2 other sticks of RAM (leaving one) and was able to load into windows.

I put back the other 2 sticks and again would not get past BIOS.
Also doing any kind of OC with the 1 stick will cause it to not post.

I pulled out one of the 460's and tried again no luck it now acts as if the 2 cards were in there. ITs really frustrating.

I also flashed the BIOS to G42, supposedly the best OCing BIOS, and still no luck.

Any one got any Ideas?

I am currently typing on my sig rig with one stick of RAM and at stock speeds, The 460's fold great and hit 900mhz at 1.087v at least I'm happy with the cards.
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OK never mind guy looks like I found the answer in a different forum.

They have a section specifically for the Quantum Force Foxconn mobos.

I had to manually clear the CMOS with the jumper, pull out the battery, and leave it unplugged for a few mins to let all the residual energy to drain out.
IDK but it worked.

But so far Im am back to using all 3 DIMMS, and am back to 3.8 Ghz and climbing.
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