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Has anyone gotten their Dell XPS 420 Q6600 at beyond 3.1/3.2 GHz, and how did you do the volt mod?

I reach stability issues at beyond 3.1 GHz, when I approach 350 FSB speeds, x9 mult. I use RMClock to disable EIST, C1E, extended throttling, and run Max performance.

SetFSB brings me from 2.99 to 3.14 GHz 350.0/700.0 FSB/RAM (other sources tell me 800 RAM, confusion)

Memset doesn't work because my MCHBAR is locked. I'm at a 5:6 FSB : DRAM ratio, maybe setFSB lowers RAM or tries to make it 1 : 1

4x1 GB 5-5-5-18 DDR2 RAM PC6400, running @ about 420 MHz, (5.9 WEI, noticed no difference in my overclockability withi GSkill PC6400 5-5-5-15 3x2GB WEI 7.3)

PSU is Antec 750 watt modular.

Tape modded, wanting to increase volts for stability, temps aren't issue atm, just can't clock more.

This was my resource.

I've done both of these mods, the FSB tape mod first and have run that stable to 3.14 GHZ stock voltage 1.25 for months now.

I just did the VID 1.45 mod with silver ink pen and more electrical tape.

My CPU: should equal

RMClock, CPU-Z, Core Temp, and Everest all report 1.25v, that must be accurate, which means it did nothing for me. (It functions, surprisingly!)

I wonder if I should try doing the 1.4v mod instead, or thickening the ink/making it more precise by blocking with tape before inking.

Or maybe I should do this which someone did to their Q6600 so it should be a more reliable test (everything else is general LGA 775 maybe it doesn't work on the Q) if there is another factor. It's also a less complicated mod, should be 1.31 v, found here.

Any tips appreciated.