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Hi guys!

I'm thinking about getting second 6950. Unfortunately I can't find Twin Frozr III in my country to pair with mine, so I decided to go with XFX, Sapphire or HIS (maybe reference MSI :? ). I have a question, does any of these refference cards have a BIOS switch and can be flashed to 6970? I just unlocked shaders on my Twin Frozr III so I'm not sure if I will flash the second card to full 6970. Probably only unlocking shaders too. I hope my PSU will handle two 6950.

Did you have to do anything special to complete the unlock on the frozr III? I d/l'd my current bios with RBE 1.28, enabled the 6970 shader option and then flashed. After rebooting I still have the stock 1408 shaders in gpu-z. I tried it twice and ended up just reverting back.