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P8P67 - Wierd Problem

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So if I want to get into my BIOS (sorry, EFI) I have to clear it out so I get a 'press F1 for setup' message.

The problem before (I thought) was that it wasn't waiting long enough at POST for my monitor to turn on, and I was just seeing the Windows boot up. But I increased the time-out to 10 seconds, and now I see half of the POST screen, then it looks like it freezes with no option to press del for bios, then goes straight to Windows boot.

If I press del when you normally would, it cancels the 10 sec time-out and starts loading Windows right away.

Everything else works fine. Overclock is rock solid, F@H stable.

I don't want to RMA a board that is working fine otherwise... but having to move the jumper every time I want into the BIOS...err EFI... is a pain in the butt...

Any ideas?
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Can you manually set the input on your monitor? That way it will stop searching dvi/vga/hdmi for a signal while the machine is posting.

I disabled auto-input on my sony and it's much better. Try that first.
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That's not the problem. I set the time-out up, so I can see the POST screen, it just looks frozen and doesn't give me the option to enter EFI.
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Can you update the bios from within windows? I know you can do it once you're in the bios, but like you said, you can't get into the bios.
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Pretty sure I have the latest bios...

EDIT: yep, latest bios, 1401
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It's a weird problem alright. If your POST was actually frozen, then it wouldn't boot.

But it boots fine :\\
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Yes... It cuts the POST off in mid sentence. So I only get half a screen of text, it sits there, then boots windows... how weird is that?
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New update: Still gives me half a screen of text and looks frozen, but holding del let me into the bios (at least this time it did).

I suppose it's a minor problem if that's all it's doing... but still, i'd like to figure it out...
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Hmm that is a strange one, never had that come up myself.
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