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Couple questions!

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Hey hey. I have a basic understanding of video cards and how they operate, but I had a few questions for any of the guru's who don't mind taking a peak

I currently have 2x EVGA GTX 460SE SLI'd

1. I have a 3 year old SLI bridge that has asus label on it and its brown with a weird black ink spot under the plastic skin. Would it be worth it spend a few bucks and buy a new SLI bridge at EVGA's website? would I notice any differences?

2. I am thinking about buying a single video card in the distant future, I run AMD so I need to use the SLI hack to get SLI working and I just don't like having to do that. Would it be worth waiting for the next series of cards to come out? or should I look around at a 500 series upgrade to what I have?

3. Since I have am an AMD user, would it work better if I got an ATI video card? When I say work better, I mean would the video card work better with the cpu given they are both AMD? Or is Nvidia just that much more superior that I should stick with Nvidia?

Sorry for the awkward questions but just a few things I have been wondering about!
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1. I would say it won't change a thing, a bridge is a bridge.
2. Larger single card would be good, a 570 would do the job. But of course the longer you wait the better you get for your money.
3. No, if you prefer nvidia, go nvidia. AMD cpu will not help AMD card over nvidia.
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Thanks a lot for the reply!
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